Top 5 Best Places to Hammock in Michigan

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Michigan is the state we are located in. It is full of beautiful, serene locations one can set up their hammock and relax. Here are our top 5 locations for people traveling to Michigan to try!

#1 Belle Isle State Park

Detroit, Michigan

Belle Isle State Park is located in Detroit, MI. It is on the Detroit River and is a great getaway when you live in the city. They host the Bell Isle Grand Prix and many other events. It is a beautiful place to have a picnic!

Dry Camp Team at Belle Isle Michigan, Green Hammock

Located between the Upper and Lower Peninsulas, Mackinac Island is a step back in time. There are no cars on the island, and you can get around by renting a bike. They encourage being outdoors and exploring the island!

Dry Camp Hammock Mackinac Island, Michigan

If you want to take a trip to see some of the most beautiful shorelines Michigan has to offer, there is no better place than Pictured Rocks. Located in the Upper Peninsula, those visiting Pictured Rocks can camp, take kayak trips, and do and see so much.

Dry Camp Michigan Pictured Rocks

Michigan’s Cherry Capital, Traverse City is home to many great parks and beaches. We made it up there last year and it is one of our favorite spots. Relax by the water, then head to town to get some great food!

Double Hammock in Traverse City, Michigan

#5 Stoney Creek Metro Park

Shelby Charter Twp, Michigan

About a half-hour from Detroit, Stony Creek is an amazing little oasis hidden in suburbia. For $10, you can get a day pass and see for yourself all the little spots you can set up your hammock. They also have hiking trails, disc golf, kayak rentals, paddle boats and everything else you could want!

Dry Camp, Double Hammock Carabiners and Tree Straps

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