Waterproof Dry Bag 15L (Red) by dry.camp

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Product Details: The perfect bag to store everything for your trip in the outdoors. Whether towels for the beach or snacks for the forest, our waterproof dry bag will keep whatever you store dry and sealed! 

  • ULTIMATE ALL-WEATHER PROTECTION: Our heavy-duty 500D PVC dry.camp waterproof dry bags are hermetically sealed, and will protect your valuables! These dry bags are meant to last and provide waterproof protection for many uses. (NOTE: Don't purposely force submersion this bag is designed to float)
  • REMOVABLE AND ADJUSTABLE SHOULDER STRAPS: Your 15L dry.camp waterproof dry bag comes with TWO shoulder straps for easy and comfortable transport. It allows your dry bag to quickly become a backpack, and if you don't want to use the two straps use one or none. The top of the bag can be used as a handle!
  • CONVENIENT MESH POCKETS: A pocket on each side allows for quick and easy access to beverages or items that you don't mind getting wet. Our high-quality mesh is able to fit a can or bottle snug. (Please recycle)
  • LIFETIME HASSLE-FREE WARRANTY: If anything happens don't worry dry.camp has your back with a hassle-free replacement guarantee! This warranty covers defective products.

Directions: Follow the steps below to make sure your items are protected.

  • To ensure a watertight seal, tightly roll down the top of the bag a minimum of 3 - 4 times and connect the buckle.
  • Once this is done, feel to make sure the air retains in the dry bag.
  • The dry bag is not intended for forceful submersion.
  • Mesh on the sides is suitable for bottles and small items. The front elastic is designed to hold smaller items, such as a pair of sunglasses, flip-flops, etc. Keep in mind to store lighter objects inside the front area as to avoid any heavy stretching and pulling of the adhesive.
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