6 Ways to Use Your Waterproof Dry Bag

6 Ways to Use Your Waterproof Dry Bag

At dry.camp, we spent a lot of time putting together a waterproof bag that could handle whatever was thrown at it. Whether camping, hiking, at the beach or on a boat, here are the different ways to use our waterproof dry bag!

  1. Backpack - The Waterproof Dry Bag is a great carry bag that can be used just as a regular backpack, especially on rainy days!
  2. Beach Bag - Whatever you want to keep dry on the beach, the waterproof dry bag will take good care of you.
  3. Water Floating Bag - Our bag is capable of floating when sealed correctly! We’ve taken ours into the Great Lakes and it’s a nice way to bring stuff into the water with you!
  4. Impromptu Cooler - Fill the bag with ice and any food or beverage you want to keep cool! The bag includes two side meshes to carry bottles.
  5. Pillow - Put a hoodie or something soft inside, and rest your head on the bag when you want to lay down in the sand, against a tree or in your dry.camp Double Hammock!
  6. Gym Bag - At Dry.Camp, we found that our bags fit perfectly with our gym clothes!

These are just a few ideas we’ve had and used it for! If you have any ideas yourself that you want us to know, send us a message here or reach out to us on social media!

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